Kiwa Comply™

Create ISO 9001 quality management system in an easy and affordable way!

Kiwa Comply explains the requirements of the ISO standard in simple terms.

Comply is suited for companies that are either starting to set up a quality management system or have already acquired the ISO 9001 certificate. Comply saves you time and effort when managing requirements. Getting started only takes a few minutes!

Build customer confidence with a consistent level of quality. Share real-time information with key stakeholders.

Prioritise your core activities and focus only on the relevant aspects of quality management.

Reduce your working hours by up to 50%. Comply is truly easy to use!

Get certified 50% faster. Get information on the requirements of the certificate and the right time to apply.

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Comply helps you meet all the requirements.

Gain an understanding about requirements. Comply helps to make each requirement clear and acts as a guideline as you build your ISO 9001 quality management system.

Meet the requirements. Comply offers measures and methods to meet the requirements of the standard.

Avoid unnecessary work. Comply uses existing information and brings it together in one place.

Make time management easy. Comply’s annual planner and task overview makes task management easy.

Comply helps you create a functional, powerful, and effective quality management system and leaves no room for mistakes.

Other Kiwa services and experts to support you on this journey

Comply is truly easy to use! It offers guidelines and instructions through an easy-to-use interface. You will get access to various instructional videos and texts made by Kiwa experts, which you can revisit at any time.

Are you aiming for a certificate? If your goal is to have an ISO 9001 certificate, Kiwa will help you to meet the requirements. The audits carried out by Kiwa’s independent experts support continuous improvement of policies and retain the ISO 9001 quality system certificate.

The training services of Kiwa are here for you! The interpretations and objectives of the requirements recorded in Comply are based on the competence of experienced Kiwa assessors. If you wish, you can also gain access to company-specific training and Kiwa’s open registration training courses.

Are you interested? Get in touch, and let’s schedule a free presentation and trial usage.

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Comply is a user-friendly software solution for managing quality requirements


The system runs on all browsers.

Easy to use

Learning the system takes only a few minutes.

Become aware of the overall picture.

Follow your progress.

Compliance management

All requirements are linked to subject areas. No unnecessary work.

Task management

For recurring inspections and actions.

Document linking

No documentation overlap or new databanks.

Annual planner

Monthly tasks link to the requirements of the standard.

Management reviews etc.

Reviewing and evaluating data is quick, easy and convincing.

In the pipeline

ISO 14001, 45001 and 27001 management in the same system in various languages.


Kiwa Comply, implemented as a cloud service (SaaS model), is maintenance-free and secure, as Kiwa is responsible for the functioning of the service. Comply is scalable according to your company’s needs, and its cost-effectiveness and extensive functionalities make it future-proof.

Comply’s pricing relies on an annual fee based on the number of employees and includes no hidden fees. Interested? Send us your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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