Create a management system in an easy and affordable way!

Kiwa Comply™ explains the requirements of the ISO 
standard in simple terms.

Kiwa Comply™ is suited for companies that are either starting to set up a standard based management system or have already acquired ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 certificates.

Kiwa Comply saves you time and effort when managing requirements.
Getting started only takes a few minutes!

Kiwa Comply helps you create a functional, powerful, and effective management system and leaves no room for mistakes.



Log in to Kiwa Comply and start using it immediately.


Understand the big picture

Identify the requirements of the ISO 9001 - standard completely and accurately.


Fulfil the requirements

Link existing files and create new ones usin ready-made templates.


Enhance quality productivity

Incorporate continuous improvement into the organization's everyday practices.

Kiwa Comply™ helps you meet all the requirements

Gain an understanding

Kiwa Comply helps to make each requirement clear and acts as a guideline as you build your ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 management system.

Meet the requirements

Kiwa Comply offers measures and methods to meet the requirements of the standard.

Avoid unnecessary work

Kiwa Comply uses existing information and brings it together in one place.

Make time management easy

Kiwa Comply’s annual planner and task overview makes task management easy.

Kiwa Comply™ is a user-friendly software solution for managing requirements from different standards


The system runs on all browsers

Easy to use

Learning the system takes only a few minutes.

Become aware of the overall picture

Follow your progress.

Compliance management

All requirements are linked to subject areas. No unnecessary work.

Task management

For recurring inspections and actions

Document linking

No documents overlap or new databanks

Annual planner

Monthly tasks link to the requirements of the standard

Management reviews etc.

Reviewing and evaluating data is quick, easy and convincing.

In the pipeline

ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 50001 management in the same system in various languages


Kontu is a Pirkanmaa company that offers 24-hour sheltered housing, communal sheltered housing, service guidance as well as lunch and catering services in Tampere and Nokia. The company has three 24-hour houses and one unit providing communal housing for older people, as well as two kitchens, which also serve as lunch restaurants. Kiwa Comply has been used in Kontu houses since November 2022.
In the fields of information- and cyber security and continuity management, the cryptic acronyms in the heading are now being used on every channel, just as GDPR and information protection were a few years ago. What you need to know about them and, in particular, what do you need to do?
Kiwa Comply now includes the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental management standard in addition to the ISO 9001 quality management standard.
Our management consultants are skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge of management systems and extensive industry experience. They can offer assistance in developing various areas, including quality management, environmental practices, information security, occupational health and safety, energy efficiency and continuity management.
What is important to businesses right now? Both companies and the media discuss various threats and scenarios, and the different viewpoints may make everything more confusing to simple people, such as the author of this blog.

Build customer

with a consistent level of quality. Share real-time information with key stakeholders.

Prioritise your
core activities

and focus only on the relevant aspects of quality management.

Reduce your
working hours

by up to 50%. Comply is
truly easy to use!

Get certified

Get information on the requirements of the certificate and the right time to apply.


Kiwa Comply, implemented as a cloud service (SaaS model), is maintenance-free and secure, as Kiwa is responsible for the functioning of the service. Kiwa Comply is scalable according to your company’s needs, and its cost-effectiveness and extensive functionalities make it future-proof.

Kiwa Comply’s pricing relies on an annual fee based on the number of employees and includes no hidden fees. Interested? Send us your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Other Kiwa services and experts to support you on this journey

Kiwa’s extensive range of services covers everything you need for building, certifying, and maintaining your quality management system.

Kiwa Impact Oy provides the Kiwa Impact™ software for managing safety observations, as well as open and company-specific training on topics such as standards and internal auditing.

Our experienced consultants offer assistance in various areas, including executive coaching, internal audits, and facilitation of risk management.


Behind the interpretations and objectives documented in Kiwa Comply, there is the expertise of experienced Kiwa certification assessors. If desired, you can also receive company-specific training and access Kiwa’s open training sessions.

We offer a wide range of services, experts, and advice related to quality, safety, health, sustainability, usability, and profitability. Our diverse expert services are there to support your organization’s operations and development.

The user-friendly and clear interface guides and instructs you. You have access to instructional videos created by Kiwa professionals and informative texts that you can revisit whenever you want.

Through our expert training, you gain a solid understanding of various quality management system standards requirements, assistance in constructing the content of your quality system, and executing effective internal audits.

Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to build your own expertise. In such cases, our experienced internal management system consultants or experts from our extensive partner network provide assistance in constructing, implementing, training, and further developing your quality management system.

Independent experts help you with compliance assessment and accredited certifications. The audits they carry out ensure continuous improvement of operations and keep the ISO certificates valid.