Consulting services help you achieve your business objectives 

You can now complement your Kiwa Comply software with personal consulting support, which assists you in maintaining and developing your requirements management practices. 

After the launch of Kiwa Comply in spring 2023, we noticed a growing need for personal services in maintaining and developing requirements management. In response to the needs of companies, we added consulting services to our service portfolio. We now offer expert assistance in the setting up of management systems and services with tailored and educational elements.  

Consulting services can be purchased both in connection with the implementation of Kiwa Comply and as separate services to support management system-related work and strategic management. Our range of services includes 

  • risk assessments 
  • internal audits 
  • management review enhancement 
  • introduction of new management system standards (e.g. environmental and energy efficiency systems) 
  • gap assessments 
  • training and coaching 

Management consultants with extensive industry experience  

Our management consultants are skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge of management systems and extensive industry experience. They can offer assistance in  developing various areas, including quality management, environmental practices, information security, occupational health and safety, energy efficiency and continuity management. 

“As experts, we can offer our customers cost-effective access to up-to-date information, objective insights and versatile expertise, all tailored to the actual needs of the customer,” says Tiia Tuomi, management consultant for quality management and environmental and energy efficiency. 

“One of our most topical consulting services relates to the EU’s Information Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) and addresses ISO/IEC 27001-compliant information security management systems. What makes this service particularly relevant is the fact that, in the coming months, Kiwa Comply will also receive support for the management of ISO/IEC 27001 requirements and controls.  

Conducting an effective initial assessment will help us ensure an appropriate and suitable scope of service according to the customer’s needs,” explains Management Consultant Jyrki Lahnalahti. 

Want to learn more? 

Book a 30-minute free needs assessment meeting with our management consultants, and we will jointly plan a management system package suitable for your organisation.   

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